Clam Grapple

The Prime Clam Grapple is built for multi-purpose use and it is an absolute beast in action. Use this grapple to clean up brush, dig out roots and large rocks, perform concrete work, move logs, and more!

The Clam/Brush Grapple features a large 52″ bite, is equipped with two 3,000 psi hydraulic cylinders and has a serrated teeth design for clamping power. The replaceable digging teeth make this a popular grapple because of the versatility it brings to the job site. This grapple comes with universal flat face couplers (unless others are requested).

Price Range: Call for Pricing


  • Universal quick attach plate
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • High performance replaceable digging teeth
  • Reinforced gusseted grapple tines
  • Fully gusseted frame (top & bottom)
  • Serrated teeth on clam portion of grapple to hold debris of all kinds

Product Specifications:

  • Common Sizes: 66"; 74" and 82"
  • 3/4" Grade 50 steel bottom tines
  • 1/2" Grade 50 steel top tines
  • Fully gusseted frame top and bottom
  • Massive 51" opening to get the job done!
  • 2x 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Cylinders for bite
  • Serrated teeth on clam to hold in debris of all kinds
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