Tree + Post Puller

The Prime Tree & Post Puller is one of the only tree pullers on the market rated for trees up to 12” in diameter. They feature 4 full-length gussets that extend the full length of the cutting edge for maximum reinforcement.

We utilize a very small, aggressive tooth pattern that is constructed out of ½” Grade 50 hardened steel. Our tooth pattern is what allows this tree & post puller to be so versatile. Not only do the smaller, stronger teeth allow for trees of both small and larger diameter to be pulled with greater ease, but this puller is also able to remove steel posts with little effort and without any damage to the post or the puller.

We also manufacture interchangeable bolt-on removable Debris Screens to protect your loader, as well as a bolt-on removable Push Bar that doubles as a back gauge. Both are sold separately.

Price Range: Call for Pricing


  • 4 full-length gussets
  • Bolt-on removable cylinder cover
  • Short and aggressive teeth pattern
  • Remove trees up to 12” in diameter
  • Optional bolt-on Debris Screen
  • Optional bolt-on Push Bar
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • Universal quick attach plate

Product Specifications:

  • Jaw opening: 17 inches
  • Cylinder strength: 3,000 lbs
  • Teeth size: 1/2 inch
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